Early Days Project

The Early Days project is funded by DSD covering the Neighbourhood Renewal (NR) area of Enniskillen. The Funding for this Project began on July 2013 and will last until March 2016. We are the lead applicant in this project and are in partnership with the Westville Family Resource Centre, Fermanagh Woman’s Aid and the Kilmacormick Community Playgroup.


Junior Homework Club 4-7 Years

The programme is for all children aged 4-7 years living in the NR area of Enniskillen. Due to the success of our existing Homework club 8-12 years we felt that there was a need to have a club in place for 4-7 years as thgis is the early years of a childs life and intervention and support is vital at this key stage. We have 24 places availableast this club and currently all the places are filled and a waiting list has been established.

We offer two main sessions, the sessions run from Monday to Friday. They are as follows;

Session One 2pm-3.30pm P1 and P2.

Session Two 3pm-4.30pm P3 and P4.


We offer:

  • Homework support Mon-Fri
  • Educational Activities every Friday which are fun to promote learning
  • Encourage and support learning programmes that are currently on offer in schools like Mathletics and Accelerated learning programmes
  • Promote space for learning through play
  • Continue to build relations through the community, families and schools
  • Aim to raise aspirations of the young people participating, showing them what they can individually achieve
  • Raise each child’s self-esteem
  • Recognise and reward their achievements
  • Help them discover and nurture their own individual talents
  • Provide a safe environment where young people can be themselves away from the pressures of home life/school life
  • Transport available to young people from the west end
  • Cost is £2 per day.

“It is a social outlet for an only child and he gains great satisfaction from mixing with other children. Greatly improves social skills and teaches him to get homework done first and then play”



Westville Family Resource Centre

Fermanagh Woman’s Aid


Kilmacormick Community Playgroup









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