Investing in your Health

The Health project, funded through the neighbourhood Renewal Programme, is designed to tackle inequalities in health. Activities are aligned to the DHSSPS priorities for Action.

The health project is actively delivering a range of health and well-being programmes to people living in the Enniskillen Neighbourhood Renewal areas.

In line with Priorities for Action the overall programme is addressing issues such as;

  • Increasing average life expectancy,
  • Halting the rise in obesity,
  • Reducing the suicide rate,
  • Reducing  adults and manual workers who smoke,
  • Reducing adults who binge drink
  • Reducing young people who drink and report getting drunk,
  • Reducing adults and young people who drink and take illegal drugs,
  • Reducing number of children at risk from parental alcohol and/or drug dependency,
  • Reducing births to mothers under 17.

 The project aims to reduce the health deprivation rank, and increase community capacity by education and training around health related issues.

The project is having a positive impact on the health and well-being of those people living in the Enniskillen Neighbourhood Renewal area.  We have completed the first year of a 3 year project and evaluation indicates that, as a result of the DPF health project, there is

  • An increased awareness healthy lifestyle and it’s importance in preventing diseases
  • Enhanced cooking skills, improved shopping, budgeting and eating habits
  • improved lifestyle/behaviour changes e.g. physical activity, smoking cessation, weight management,
  • Increased knowledge of and improved access to local Health Improvement programmes
  • Increased health improvement opportunities in the area
  • Better informed individuals on health and well-being services available
  • Increased access to services



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